Get Connected

Information systems are the lifeblood of your business.


These connections are needed to deliver care, data and payment. The connections have rules for security, privacy and sharing. We help with that.


Telehealth Services

Blockchain for Health Care

Cloud Migration


Telehealth Services

You have heard about it. We have done it.

We know what is required and what is allowed.

We know what is paid and how to describe it.

We know where others struggled and succeeded.

We have helped create a service platform from scratch.

We have helped add telehealth services to existing practices.

We have helped explain telehealth to patients and payers.

We have captured the stories that promote quality and expanded use.

Our telehealth work includes success stories in primary care, specialty services, dentistry, behavioral health and diagnostic providers.

If you want to explore telehealth, we can help.


Blockchain for Health Care

Distributed Ledgers. Hash Functions. Smart Contracts. We get it.

The health care industry has a lot of friction. Some friction is understandable. Some of it needs to go. Blockchain technology may offer some solutions.

We understand where others are exploring blockchain in health care. We offer ‘ground truth’ for creators, users and investors. If you need ‘real world’ or ‘boots on the ground,’ solutions, we can help with that.

Cloud Migration

Not everyone is doing it. But most are considering it. Like it or not, health care is a technology business.  Software or equipment you use must be updated.  Using the cloud for these updates could be beneficial.  But it also could be disruptive and unnecessarily expensive.

How, when, and why you update requires a strategy, plan and budget. Sometimes it requires a translation from technical to human. It always requires oversight.

We can help with that.